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FGHS Vandalism Update

On Saturday (7/23/22), three individuals entered the main high school building. Among other things, these individuals pulled the emergency shower in a science classroom. The shower proceeded to run for approximately 28 hours. During that time the running water seeped through the floor and walls down into the first floor classrooms damaging ceilings, walls and critical electrical equipment.


Two FGHS teachers were walking past the high school Sunday evening when they discovered the running water. They contacted school administration, who then located the running shower and turned it off. The authorities were called and the fire department began to clean up the initial damage.


A look down a hallway with ceiling tiles floating in water. In the dark, a fire fighter shoveling debris out of a building door to a large, wet pile of debris. Piles of black garbage bags stacked with debris.
Local disaster cleanup/restoration company SERVEPRO was called in to help with the cleanup. 
A look at a damaged science classroom. Ceiling tiles destroyed and water on the floor. Worker using a vacuum type machine to get rid of water in classroom. Inside a classroom with stools stacked on a table. Wet counters and floor able to be seen.
Workers continue to make progress in preparing the classrooms for a multi-step drying process where all of the moisture will be removed. 
Walls have been stripped down to the metal studs in one of the classrooms. Metal studs are shown in the background. In the foreground there is a shovel and broom leaning up against a lab table. A long, inflated plastic tube is shown running along the bottom of an exposed wall.
Demolition of all damaged ceiling tiles and walls has been completed. Workers are now using an intense drying regimen to completely dry out the area. This is a critical step the the restoration process as it will ensure all moisture is removed from the area prior to construction. 
Back of high school. Large yellow and white drying hoses running into the building. Pulled back view of drying hoses entering into the high school. Up close shot of massive generator powering the drying hoses.
View down a hallway showing individual fans pointed into classrooms. Classroom with walls removed and metal studs exposed. Dryer pointed at the walls. Worker standing on a ladder working at a door.
With the drying of all areas of the affected classrooms complete, the process of reconstructing the classrooms has begun. Installing new drywall is first up. 
Worker standing on scaffolding repairing ceiling tiles. Showing the corner of two walls. The left side shows new drywall nearly completed. The right side shows exposed insulation. Four workers in various areas working on installing drywall in a classroom.
Drywall being dried by a fan hall way with brand new drywall installed. hall way with ladder and garbage can in front of finished drywall
Finished classrooms! A HUGE thank you to the many staff and outside contractors that put countless hours into restoring the science wing. Students are back learning in the classrooms! 
looking through a hallway to the outside. walls are newly painted orange. photo of hallway and into classroom with freshly painted walls Completely restored classroom looking at white board and teachers desk.