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Long Range Facilities Planning

What is a Long-Range Facility Plan (LRFP)?

Comprehensive summary of facility need
  • Studies district’s ability to accommodate educational programs
  • Tracks district’s capacity to accommodate projected enrollment
  • Documents the condition of district’s facilities and sites

Strategic management tool for district facilities over time
  • Explores modernizations, additions, replacement, and new construction
  • Identifies opportunities for more efficient use of sites and site acquisition schedules if needed
  • Creates a prioritized capital plan that aligns with community

March 15, 2021 - Focus Group
April 14, 2021 - Focus Group
May 10-14, 2021 - Community Outreach
June 2, 2021 - Focus Group
Focus Group Members      
Jenny Acosta --Elementary School Parent Rob Drake - Cornelius City Manager LaAna Littlefield -- Viking Booster Representative Susan Dieter Robinson -- Forest Grove Community Member, Parent
Leticia Aguilar -- Cornelius Community Member, Adelante Mujeres Kate Grandusky -- Board Member Vinnie Martorano -- Middle School Parent Howard Sullivan - Forest Grove Community Member, Retired Teacher
Brad Bafaro -- Board Member Kristy Kottkey -- Special Education Parent, Forest Grove City Council Dan Riordan -- City of Forest Grove Senior City Planner Claudia Yakos -- Forest Grove Community Member
Vanessa Castenada - High School Parent      
District Leadership Team      
Kathy Bahnsen --
Superintendent / Board Secretary
Kevin Noreen -- Human Resources Director David Parker --Superintendent Kim Shearer -- Director of Student Services
Ilean Clute --Director of Finance & Operations John O’Neill --Assistant Superintendent Enrique Pinon -- Technology Manager David Warner --Communications Director