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Communications » Communications


The communications department is responsible for crafting and disseminating all district-level communication, including the following:
  • District programs and initiatives
  • Crisis/emergency/incident response and updates
  • School and/or student group events and activities
  • Superintendent meetings and communications 
Information is conveyed primarily through:
  • District website
  • Individual school websites
  • Social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • FlashAlert notifications (inclement weather)
  • Articles/stories in local media
  • Monthly Superintendent newsletter
  • Automated phone calls
  • Letters/emails to parents/guardians
Flyer Approval and Distribution


Flyer Distribution Procedures


Forest Grove School District cooperates with community groups and organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students by distributing materials to district families electronically via Peachjar. This transition from paper to electronic flyer delivery is part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology and maintain fiscal responsibility.


Peachjar charges a fee for this service that is often less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers. 


To request flyer approval, please follow the steps below. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents and posted online. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.  


  1. Visit www.peachjar.com
  2. Register as an Enrichment Provider (account type)
  3. Upload your flyer for approval


Your flyer will automatically be submitted to the district office. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the standards described below.  Peachjar charges outside organizations a fee for this service. This fee is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. 




FGSD Flyer Guidelines


The Forest Grove School District has established the following guidelines regarding distribution of materials.

  • Must contain educational and/or extra-curricular opportunities for students and/or families.
  • Flyers must be from a non-profit organization.
  • No commercial advertising is allowed. The only exception is if the organization is providing a service requested by the school, such as an after-school program.
  • Flyers must be saved and uploaded as pdf documents. You can include multiple pages in one pdf document.
  • Flyers should include both English and Spanish translations. Please include both versions in the same pdf document.
  • The following disclaimer must appear on all flyers:  The Forest Grove School District does not sponsor, endorse or recommend the organizations, services or activities described in these materials. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service.
 Your school's Peachjar Site Administrator can upload flyers to the school's Peachjar account. You can send your flyers to the Site Admin for uploading. 


NOTE:  If a school will be having an event open to the entire community, schools may send e-flyers to the district office to send to other schools. Send your eflyer (in English & Spanish) to [email protected] and list which schools you want it sent to.

Who to contact:
David Warner
[email protected]
Inclement Weather Delays and Closures

The superintendent consults with district facilities staff, transportation staff and regional agencies to make informed decisions regarding weather conditions and potential risk factors. The information considered includes student drivers, student access to bus stops, students walking to and from school and all other aspects of transporting students to and from school.