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Student Transportation 2020-2021

COVID -19 Precautions 

In these times, the District and Mid Co are committed to maintaining a safe and sanitized environment for our students and drivers. Please note, you and your student will see the following changes on their bus this year. 


Bus Routes: 

Students must: 
    • Maintain social distancing at bus stops 
    • Wear a face mask while at the bus stop and on the bus at all times (K-12)
      • Disposable face masks will be available for those that do not have one
    • Apply hand sanitizer upon arrival
    • Wear appropriate warm clothes as windows and vents will be open for ventilation.
Drivers will: 
    • Apply Hand Sanitizer between helping students and when getting on and off the bus
    • Document bus attendance for contact tracing 
    • Complete daily COVID-19 screenings of students as they arrive on the bus
    • Ensure all students have a face mask and apply hand sanitizer
    • Wear a face mask or shield at all times 
    • Ensure windows and vents are open to the greatest extent possible to maximize airflow and ventilation.
Loading and unloading:
    • Students will be required to sit in assigned seat for duration of route
    • Buses will be loaded from the back to the front and unloaded front to back
    • One student per seat - Students of the same household will sit together
    • Any student showing symptoms of COVID-19
      • Will sit in the front right seat of the bus
      • Unloaded first at arrival 
      • The school will be notified
      • multiple windows will be open for ventilation

Cleaning and Sanitation: 

    • All buses will be disinfected nightly
    • Drivers will disinfect frequent touchpoints on the bus in between daily routes 
    • In the event of a student showing signs of COVID the seat and surrounding areas will be sanitized once students depart the bus. 


We thank you in advance for your patience as we implement these new procedures. 

Please note some routes may run late to ensure all protocols are being followed.  

Who to contact:
Melissa Castle
Location Manager
Mid Columbia Bus Co.