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Nutrition Services

Welcome back to school!
Our Nutrition Services Department is dedicated to providing students with nutritious and delicious meals that support their health and academic performance while at school. We understand the importance of proper nutrition in a student's development, and we strive to create a positive meal experience for every student in our care.
We have expanded our free meal programs to include all grade levels. To learn more please visit the CEP section of the website
Free language assistance, auxiliary aids, and /or accommodations are available upon request.  Please contact Jennifer Evers 503-357-6171 ext. 4555
Breakfast in the Classroom

We know that morning routines can be hectic and many kids aren’t hungry when they wake up. That is exactly why we provide breakfast every morning in a way that allows all students to participate, even after the bell.

All FGSD elementary students will have access to breakfast upon arriving at school. If they arrive late, they can still grab a nutritious breakfast from one of our mobile carts that will be stationed in the halls and office to ensure that all students are able to get a free breakfast to start their day.

Breakfast at Neil Armstrong Middle School will continue to be offered via cart service that comes to each individual classroom and allows students to select their meal from the mobile cart after the bell. They have the opportunity during the first 15 minutes of class to eat breakfast with their classmates and get the fuel they need to be ready to learn. Teachers will begin lessons as usual.

Second Chance Breakfast will continue at FGHS where students will have a second opportunity to grab breakfast after their first period and then take it to eat in the classroom or during the long break. Second chance breakfast is ideal for students who are not hungry first thing in the morning.

There are many great things about our improved breakfast program. In addition to having access to a nutritious breakfast, eating with classmates every morning creates a community experience, and it takes pressure off parents and caretakers to provide breakfast in the morning. The No Kid Hungry Starts with Breakfast resource is a great way to find out more about the benefits of breakfast, including how kids who eat breakfast do better in math, miss fewer days of school, and are more likely to graduate high school than their peers who don’t eat breakfast regularly.
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We Are Hiring! 
Please email or call Nutrition Services for a current application link or more information.
Amanda Krupp – Food Service Manager
[email protected]
503-359-8110 x 4524 
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Elementary School Dining Program

The Clubhouse makes nutrition fun for elementary students. Featuring healthy food choices and fun events where every students feels part of the club!

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My Mondays

My Mondays is our nutrition education program that features Lift-Off!, a bright blue, star-shaped character that expands your students’ awareness of their overall well-being while highlighting important topics such as the environment, physical activity, kitchen skills and community involvement.

Middle School Dining

Middle School Dining Program

Today’s middle schoolers understand food more so than ever before. Trending flavor profiles, convenient meals, sustainable alternatives and healthy options – served fast – are just a few expectations that top the list. They also navigate the world through technology and view the Café as a social hub – a place to connect with friends and have fun.


 Taste 4

 High School Dining Program

From the menu perspective, the Taste4 program recognizes that today's customer possesses a culinary savvy based on their street retail experiences.  With these experiences comes expectations of a similar, consistent, and positive experience while dining with us. Just as your preconceived expectations are met every time you walk into a Subway or Starbucks - no matter where they are or who is serving you, we are similarly seeking to define the customer experience delivered by Taste4. 



It's here! Browse daily menu items, view nutrition information, plan for dietary & allergy restrictions. Available in 50+ languages this new online menu platform is user friendly and better than ever. Download the app or view from your desktop.



Breakfast program

Mornings are rushed and we know your student doesn’t always have time to eat breakfast at home. We’ve got it covered with hot, fresh and delicious breakfast options that will jumpstart your student’s day. Does your student need a grab-and-go option? We have bagels, yogurt parfaits, cereal bars and fruit.

Lunch Program

When your student has good nutrition, they will perform better in school, and feel happier and be healthier. The school lunch program includes a range of offerings to ensure that your student has access to the nutritious meals they need to lead healthy and productive lives.

Student achievement starts with nutrition. Well-nourished students perform better in the classroom. Your child’s school cafeteria provides several options for both breakfast and lunch, so you are sure to find something that will keep your child fueled throughout the day. A school lunch consists of their choice of one entree, unlimited Garden Bar (fresh fruits and vegetables) and the choice of flavored non-fat,1% or skim milk. A School Breakfast consists of a student’s choice of one entree, unlimited fruit, and a choice of 1% or non-fat milk. All menus are posted on the district website and Elementary School menus are also available at the front office. 

Parents can deposit money and view a student’s account history online at To add your child to your online account, please have your child’s student ID number. This can be obtained from your child’s school. There is a link to pay online on the school district’s website along with the menus. Money, in the form of cash or check, may be sent with your student to the school cafeteria and deposited into your child’s account. Parents must keep track of their child’s account. Students may use their funds to purchase second meals and students in grades 7-12 will have the option to buy a la carte items.

Lunch Offerings

  • A variety of healthy options including wholesome grains, local fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats
  • A variety of low-fat and fat-free milk with every meal, including white and chocolate.

Special Dietary Needs

We take our student’s special dietary needs very seriously. Please contact the food services office to discuss your student’s special needs.


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Who to contact:


Charles Hardin
Food Service Director

503-359-8110 x4546


Amanda Krupp

Food Service Manager

503-359-8110 x4524


Michelle Terry 
Application Specialist
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Brenda Jones
Food Services Support Specialist
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Jennifer Graham
Food Services Support Specialist
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