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Business Office

Business Office 



The Business and Support Services Department is a service division of the Forest Grove School District that supports our students, staff, parents and community.  We are responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices in alignment with the district’s policies, strategic plan and governing laws.



Finance/Business Department - Support and assist district personnel, families, and community members with transactions affecting the financial practices of our district, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Transportation - Provide a people driven transportation team dedicated to delivering safe, reliable and quality service to the students, staff and parents in the FGSD community.


Maintenance/Custodial - Provide students, staff, community and visitors with clean, comfortable and safe facilities.  Promote stewardship of the district's physical assets by maintaining buildings, grounds and equipment.


Building Use/Security - Provide direct electronic access to the building users in our district.  Access granted based on building use permit approval to ensure our buildings provide a safe place to teach, work and play. 

Who to Contact:
Ilean Clute
Director of Finance & Operations
[email protected]
Jennifer Evers
Business Office Secretary
[email protected]
Cynthia Schuh
Accounting Supervisor
[email protected]
503-359-8110 ext. 4545
Alesia Hulis
Grants Accountant
[email protected]
503-359-8110 ext. 4594
Jennifer Brewer 
Payroll Specialist
[email protected]
503-359-8110 ext. 4525
Lesley Rogge
Accounts Payable
[email protected]
503-359-8110 ext. 4558
Briana Schellhaas
Accounts Receivable/Grants
[email protected]
503-359-8110 ext. 4511