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Strategic Plan

The Forest Grove School District's Strategic Plan is the roadmap that guides district planning and decisions. The goals and strategies outlined in the plan focus on our mission - "Transforming Learning."


Goal 1: Increase Academic Achievement


  • Attain higher levels of student performance for all students and prepare them for the higher levels of rigor as presented by CCSS; NGSS and ELPA 21
  • Monitor individual student achievement progress and adjust curriculum, instruction and interventions as necessary to increase student outcomes
  • Implement best instructional practices to enhance student learning and achievement
  • Ensure every school has strong instructional leaders
  • Engage all students in appreciation of cultural diversity and ensure diverse representation
  • Provide opportunities for student voice and leadership
  • Implement STEAM in all schools
  • Improve our continuum of services with a focus on students with behavioral needs, in Special Education Program and integrating general education and Special Education


Goal 2: Effective Teachers, Effective Staff and Effective Leaders


  • Modify evaluation system for teachers and administrators to be meaningful and manageable
  • Provide professional development that is aligned to student performance needs, SIP Goals, CIP Goals and our identified strategies and deliverables in our Strategic Plan
  • Provide opportunities for all staff to utilize culturally responsive practices
  • Develop a system of recognition aligned with achievement
  • Ensure effective practices that result in the hiring and retention of a high quality and diverse workforce
  • Develop emerging leaders within the district and develop skills of new principals/administrators
  • Develop an District Instructional PLC to ensure system instructional alignment and support principals becoming strong and effective instructional leaders in their buildings


Goal 3: Transform learning through innovation and using digital tools


  • Provide opportunities to see and practice technology integration in daily work and in broader district context for productivity, collaboration, communication and efficient, effective instruction
  • Guide instructional leaders to coach and manage transformational change including a vision for future classrooms meeting the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s world
  • Implement infrastructure and hardware plans that support shifts in instruction
  • Evaluate, identify, and acquire software, subscriptions and services supporting classroom instructional needs
  • Make equity in information and instruction a priority through open access, professional development, and hardware equality across the district


Goal 4: Engage parents and community as partners in educating students


  • Communicate regularly with parents about their students, schools and the district, using a variety of tools
  • Provide opportunities for parent voice, engagement and empowerment
  • Engage families of color
  • Seek and nurture community partnerships to support schools and student learning
  • Engage the community in developing equitable schools


Goal 5: Create A Resilient Organization


  • Monitor and adjust the strategic plan
  • Budget the strategic plan
  • Advocate for adequate and stable funding
  • School Board Development and Succession Planning
  • Align policies with current district practices
  • Ensure the district employs effective, efficient and equitable business practices across all departments