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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan graphic: 1. Care deeply 2. Stand strong 3. Adapt and Grow
Over 32 meetings and a digital survey, the district collected input from students, staff, parents and communitySeveral smiling students with backpacks, walking towards the school building members, representative of our student population. In total there were nearly 3,000 individual pieces of feedback.
Based on the information gathered, a strategic plan was designed to guide our decision making around setting priorities, allocating resources and preparing students for the future.
OUR PURPOSE: Our school district is ROOTED IN COMMUNITY and committed to giving our students experiences that enable them to GROW STRONG and become confident, lifelong learners, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future.
OUR PROMISE: We will provide our students with opportunities to care for others and the world around them; to learn through handson exploration how to find solutions and persist through challenges; and to develop the critical skills and creativity required for success in an evolving world.
STRATEGIC ANCHORS: In reviewing the 3,000 community comments, three main themes emerged from the mountain of data. These themes centered around building community, creating resilient students and rigorously preparing our students for college or careers. To better communicate these strategic anchors, we have created “maxims” which illustrate the central values of that anchor. In the example of “Community” our maxim is “We Care Deeply.” We will use these maxims to communicate our message throughout our district and community.