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Student Services

Our vision of a quality Special Education Program in the Forest Grove School District collaboration between general and special education, that is comprehensive in scope and that serves the diverse needs and abilities of ALL students.  We believe that our parents are very important members of this collaborative process.
Our mission is to provide quality services that challenge our students to successfully participate in post-secondary education, meaningful employment, and social and community integration that reflects self-determination.
  • All students are general education students first
  • All students should be within the general education classroom to the maximum extent
  • All students should remain in their neighborhood schools
  • Services should be based on student needs
  • Parents are valued members of the team
  • Quality Specially Designed Instruction for all students
If you believe a child in the Forest Grove School District may have a disability please click here
Kimberley Shearer
Director of Student Services
(503) 359-2421
Cassie Kenney
Student Services Coordinator
(503) 359-8110 X4520
Kelly Trout
Student Services Coordinator
(503) 359-8110 X4577
Christa Slaughter
Program Coordinator
Oak Grove Academy
(503) 359-2486
Virginia Kintz
Student Services Secretary
(503) 359-2403
Janelle Mayo
Autism Specialist
(503) 357-6171 X4536
Nancy Larson
Autism Specialist
(503) 357-6171 X4507
DeAnna Cornett
Autism Program Specialist