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Talented & Gifted (TAG)

Forest Grove School District's TAG program identifies students who are intellectually gifted and/or academically talented in reading and math, as demonstrated by standardized tests, teacher and parent rating scales, anecdotal information, and work samples, as well as through additional screening.
TAG Identification
Parents are welcome to refer their child for services designed for students identified as talented and gifted. Students who score at or above the 93rd percentile on a nationally standardized, norm-referenced test of overall reading or math or mental abilities test, and have other confirming evidence that they learn at a rapid rate and advanced level, are identified as TAG students.  With parent input, individual plans are made to adjust the rate and level of the student’s instruction to meet his or her specific needs.
If you think your child may qualify for TAG services, and want information about the referral and identification process, please feel free to contact our district TAG coordinator