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Forest Grove School Board Goals 2020-2021


Forest Grove School Board Goals 2020-2021


1.  The Board will support the work of the strategic plan.


  • The Board will adopt a budget that supports the strategic plan.
  • The Board will adopt updated policies to align with current laws and practices of the district.
  • The Board will expect the district to apply an equity lens to policy and curriculum development.
  • Board members are encouraged to participate in training through Oregon School Boards Association.
  • The board will work to reduce class size.
  • The Board will support programs and strategies that will increase academic achievement for students that have historically experienced academic disparities.


2.   Board members will attend academic activities, community presentations, athletic and activities, student performances, graduation and other activities/events whenever possible.


3.   The Board will encourage partnerships that support the district.


  • Board members will participate in presentations to civic groups about district initiatives.
  • Board members may serve on City of Forest Grove committee’s as requested
  • Board Chair will participate in the Community Leaders Luncheon when scheduled.           


4.   The board will continue to advocate for adequate and stable funding for K-12 schools.


  • The Board will participate in the annual Washington County Joint School Boards and Legislators dinner to celebrate accomplishments, maintain relationships and continue to advocate for sustainable adequate and stable funding.
  • Board members will maintain relationships and communicate regularly with legislators.
  • The Board will advocate for funding levels that provide adequate resources for district programs as opportunities arise.
  • Board members will participate in OSBA conventions and opportunities to support efforts aimed and providing adequate and stable funding to schools.


5.   The Board will model our district culture of collaboration, continuous learning and developing cultural competency and humility.


  • The board will engage in educational conversations.
  • Board members will attend conferences to stay up to date on school issues and network with other boards.
  • The Board will support continuous and intentional equity work in the district as an ongoing process that changes in response to new situations, experience and relationships.