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Staff Injury Reporting Process

STEP #1 - Let your administrator know and fill out the Workers Report of Occupational Injury form.  Please let the building secretary know if a work order needs to be done to prevent further injuries.
STEP #2 - If you seek medical attention, please fill out the 801 form linked here and contact Human Resources.  Your building Safety Committee Representative will contact you about Step #3. 
Fill out the top portion 1-29, sign it and send it to jevers@fgsd.k12.or.us
STEP #3 - Building Safety Committee Representative will conduct an Employee Accident/Incident Analysis 
Jennifer Evers - Business Office Secretary 503-359-2408, ext 4555
Jennifer Brewer - Workers Comp (SAIF) 503-357-6171, ext 4525
Jo Shields - Human Resources - 503-357-6171, ext 4549