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Maintenance Services During COVID-19

Forest Grove School District Facilities Support

Forest Grove School District (FGSD) is committed to providing a safe working environment for our students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to following all protocols and guidelines as recommended by the CDC, Ready Schools Safe Learners Resiliency Framework. The following are general guidelines and protocols FGSD has implemented to ensure safe facilities during these times:   

  • FGSD will follow ODE’s RSSL Resiliency Framework regarding Masks in the school environment.  Currently, masks or face coverings are mandatory in all FGSD buildings unless a staff is working in their own office or space with no other persons present. Face coverings will be offered by the District. Employees and students can wear their own masks if they choose. 
  • Social distancing of at least three feet to the greatest extent possible.
  • All staff and students are encouraged to practice good hygiene behavior to limit the spread of germs. 
  • All staff and students are encouraged to wash hands and/or apply hand sanitizer regularly, when entering the building, before and after eating, returning from break or recess, while using shared equipment and when transitioning between cohorts or groups of students.

All frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected multiple times a day using CDC approved disinfectant supplies. This includes, but not limited to, door handles, door edges, sink handles, countertops, bottle fill fountains, towel dispensers and other highly trafficked surfaces.



Building Common Areas - Building Common areas will be cleaned regularly. Custodians will sanitize common areas and high touch surfaces at least once each day. More frequently used spaces will be addressed up to three times a day.
Electrostatic Spraying - In addition to our routine and enhanced cleaning procedures, all occupied health rooms and Isolation rooms will have an EPA approved disinfectant applied through an electrostatic sprayer (fogger). This application provides an even, uniform layer of disinfectant as a final step in the disinfection process and is proven to kill the Covid-19 virus in two minutes.
Reactionary Cleaning -  In the event of a suspected or confirmed case or breakout of COVID, the District will initiate it’s reactionary cleaning protocols.
    • If the area needs to be re-occupied within 24 hours after a report of an exposure, the COVID-19 Unoccupied Contaminated Area Disinfection Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be implemented
        • This SOP focuses on custodial employee safety
            • Additional PPE
            • Containment protocols
            • Focus on all surface disinfection with the EPA approved disinfectants 
            • Fogg with the electrostatic sprayer  
    • If the area can be secured for 24 hours, the space then can be cleaned using a combination of both routine and enhanced protocols using the EPA approved disinfectants.
  • Disposable face coverings for all staff and students 
  • Hand sanitizer at all entrances, hallway intersections, classrooms without sinks
  • Hand soap dispensers at all sinks
  • Thermometers will be available in the health room and isolation rooms 
  • Plexiglass or shields are available for areas of high traffic/points of contact if deemed necessary by building administration and staff.  
  • Gloves, KN95 masks, gowns, shields and other PPE will be made available when necessary.
Drinking fountains will be converted into water bottle filling stations. Students and staff are recommended to bring their own water bottles from home.
FGSD will optimize the amount of outside air circulated through its existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system(s), to the extent the system can do so when operating as designed, whenever there are employees in the workplace and the outdoor air quality index remains at either “good” or “moderate” levels. All air filters are maintained and replaced as necessary to ensure the proper function of the ventilation system and all intake ports that provide outside air to the HVAC system are cleaned, maintained, and cleared of any debris that may affect the function and performance of the ventilation system.
FGSD recommends staff to open windows and doors where possible before, during and after class to increase ventilation. Fans can be used only if a door or window is open. Exterior doors should remain closed for student safety and Interior Doors to be closed at the end of the day for fire safety.


R&W Engineering, Inc. Technical Memo Summary

All contractors and visitors must follow the District’s guidelines and practices while on district grounds. Larger contractors must also provide the District with their COVID protocols to ensure all the CDC, Ready Schools Safe Learners and OSHA requirements are being met.

Winter 2020 COVID Training for all staff - Completed at a building December 2020 staff meeting