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FGSD Safety, Health & Wellness Committee

  • Safety committees assist employers in making continuous improvement to safety and health programs
  • The purpose of safety committees is to bring workers and management together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health.
  • All employers with employees are required to establish a safety committee or hold safety meetings.
Best Practices of a Safety, Health & Wellness Committee
  • Be willing to speak up
  • Be a problem solver, not just a problem finder
  • Look beyond conditions and influence the safety culture
  • Be visible
  • Represent your work group
  • Role model good behavior
  • Keep asking "why"
  • Become knowledgeable
2017-2018 Safety, Health & Wellness Committee Minutes
Billy Goldsmith
Director of Facilities
Jennifer Evers
Committee Secretary
Alejandra Aguilar Nieto
Cornelius Elementary
Hayle Madsen
Dilley Elementary
Natasha Day
Echo Shaw Elementary
Noelia Mejia
Fern Hill Elementary
Lori Brosig
Harvey Clarke Elementary
Julie VanBemmel
Tom McCall Upper Elem
Kirsten Rainey
Oak Grove Academy
Vanessa Macrae
Neil Armstrong Middle Sch.
Monica Christopherson
Forest Grove HS
Bruce Shields
Donna Wellington
District Nurse
Brad Bafaro  
Kevin Noreen
Human Resources
Ilean Clute
Director of Finance
Jennifer Brewer
Workman's Compensation
Rob Faris
Student Safety Coord.
Troy Vennewitz
Nutrition Services