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Neil Armstrong Middle School (2024-25)

NAMS will undergo several renovations, starting in 2024, including a main entrance with upgraded security, a new reception area, staff workroom, and a covered, outdoor area for PE. View the architect's renderings below.
Work also will continue on the track and field in spring to summer of 2024 to install synthetic turf. View updates below for current work.
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June 18, 2024

Field Work
aerial view of field
Compaction of the base layer for the field is nearly complete. Installation of the synthetic turf is expected to start next month. At the right of the track is a view of the work starting for the covered play structure.
Covered Play
aerial view of covered play construction
excavation for footings
In this aerial view, markings outline where the footings will be placed. These areas will be excavated to create trenches for the concrete forms. Next to the gym, excavation is already taking place.
Building Remodel - see the photo gallery below.

aerial view of field drainage work
flat tile drainage and barrier sheets
closer view of flat tile drainage
addition of base gravel
June 12, 2024 - flat tile drainage and moisture barrier sheeting have been added over the stabilized soil. The first of two base gravel layers is being added on top. This system helps move water that soaks underneath the turf to the drainage pipes on the perimeter of the field.

aerial view of prepped field
compaction work
June 5, 2024 - the field continues to be compacted and graded after installation of drainage pipes around the perimeter and stabilization of the soil. Remaining pipe trenches will be filled to complete the system.

aerial view of field drainage work
field drainage work
May 29, 2024 - installation of drainage pipe around the perimeter of the field is complete. Areas at one end of the field receive additional stabilization. Rock overlay is added and compacted above the drainage pipes and improved areas. The drainage system and stabilization are important to ensure there is no ponding on the turf or subsidence underneath during rainy weather.

aerial view of trenching for drain pipes
trenching for drain pipes
May 22, 2024 - crew members begin trenching around the perimeter of the field to install drain pipes that will lead water away from the field to the storm drainage system.

aerial view of cement treatment of field
construction vehicles prepare field for cement treatment
May 14, 2024 - after excavation and grading, contractors have applied a cement aggregate (not to be mistaken with concrete) to treat the field area and stabilize the soil. The smooth, lighter-colored area has been cement-treated, with the rest of the field about to be treated. This is important so that the sub-base layer stays firm and smooth after it is compacted, preventing sags that result in puckering or ponding of the synthetic turf field overlay (see Sports Field Management article for more information).

aerial view of turf construction
excavation of field soil
May 7, 2024 - excavation of the former grass field is now underway to prepare for future grading and installation of the new synthetic turf field. The new field will allow all-weather use for students and, when school is not in session, community recreation as well. The track and field are currently inaccessible during construction - for your safety, please stay out of the fenced construction zone. Expected completion is by the end of August 2024.