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School Counseling

The Forest Grove School District's Comprehensive PreK- 12 School Counseling Program is an integral part of the district's overall educational program.
Our licensed counselors provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all students. In partnership with other educators, parents, and the community, school counselors advocate for students to maximize their potential while promoting individual uniqueness and multicultural diversity. Our program is designed to assist students in gaining the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become successful and responsible citizens. 
All students participate in a comprehensive school counseling program with high-quality opportunities for personalized learning and growth that facilitates strategic partnerships between school, family, and the community. Students graduate as successful, lifelong learners and productive members of society, achieve their fullest potential, and make a positive difference in both local and global communities. 
Forest Grove School District’s Comprehensive School Counseling Program:

● Is an integral part of the total educational program.
● Should define a delivery system that is comprehensive, systematic, developmental, and
collaborative, which includes all educators in a building and is articulated district wide.
● Should address the academic, career, social/emotional, and community involvement aspects of
student development to assist learning at each grade level.
● Ensure that each and every student is provided services needed to achieve success.
● Support student transitions throughout school, academic and career-related knowledge and skills toward individual achievement of diploma requirements, and preparation for next steps after high school.
● Be coordinated and implemented by licensed school counselors and delivered by the total staff
School counselors support all student by providing both direct and indirect supports. 
Direct student supports include delivering the school counseling core curriculum, academic advising, short-term counseling, small groups, and crisis response. 
Indirect student supports include interactions with families, teachers, administrators, school staff, and the community in order to promote the needs of an individual student, or advocate for system change to address the needs of underachieving or underrepresented groups of students.