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Student Tips For Attendance

Getting to school can be difficult at times. With help from others and the tips below, students can overcome some common obstacles and increase attendance. 
Students do best in a safe and welcoming environment. Schools and families can help with this by:
    • Ensuring every student is connected with an adult within their school who can watch for issues and help with solutions.
    • Building relationships with classmates and peers.
    • Planning for success by having attendance goals and addressing possible obstacles in advance.
Things don’t always go smoothly. Planning ahead can help you be ready for issues with:
    • Transportation (Explore carpool, bus, safe walk/bike options.)
    • After school pick-up and care (Have a back-up!)
These are common reasons students miss school. Visit to learn about local community resources, or ask your school for suggestions.
    • Shelter
    • Health issues
    • Acute or chronic illness
    • Mental health services
    • Social emotional supports
    • Behavioral support
    • Oral (mouth and teeth) health
    • Food
    • Clothing
Work on household routines to make it easier to get out the door.
    • Evening routines
    • Homework help
    • Getting ready
    • Planning for the day