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Volunteer Requirements

Annual background checks are required for all volunteers in the Forest Grove School District. This includes, but is not limited to, classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones.

The volunteer background checks are part of our efforts to keep schools safe for students, staff and visitors. We encourage all prospective volunteers to go to the link below to fill out the criminal background verification form online. There is no cost to the volunteer, and all information provided remains confidential. Individuals will not be permitted to volunteer until their background check has been approved.

The conviction of a crime does not automatically disqualify a person from volunteering in a school. Each situation is considered individually.

We appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers in the Forest Grove School District. Together, we can create a safe environment where students learn and thrive!

Please click here to submit a background check application.


Protecting students from child abuse and sexual conduct

As part of the volunteer background check process, each applicant is required to review this document before they will be approved to volunteer in any capacity in the Forest Grove School District. 

Confidentiality statement and agreement:
Visitors and volunteers are not employees, students, or business associates of the Forest Grove School District. However, they may have incidental contact with or information about persons using or receiving services at the Forest Grove School District. Visitors and volunteers will keep all incidental disclosures private and will not access protected health information of any Forest Grove School District staff, student or business associate. Any information obtained in the course of visiting or volunteering is only to be discussed with the appropriate teacher or staff member at the school.  By clicking “I ACCEPT” on the volunteer application, you are stating that you have read and understand the above policies and acknowledge your responsibilities, and that you agree to report any problems related to privacy to your contact person at the Forest Grove School District.
Who to contact:
Director, Communications & Engagement