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AmeriCor » AmeriCorps Member Application Information

AmeriCorps Member Application Information

Recruitment is currently underway for the 2019-2020 program year.  Program start date is August 12, 2019.  To apply, please complete both a AmeriCorps Member reading to studentsNational AmeriCorps application (and submit it to Partnerships for Student Achievement) and a Program Application.


Member Benefits


  • $1,272/month living allowance (up to $13,992 subject to income tax)
  • $6,095 Education Award at the conclusion of the service hour requirement. It can be used to pay off existing qualified student loans, or pay tuition for continuing education (It is subject to income taxes)
  • Forbearance from qualified outstanding student loans during service
  • Basic health care
  • Graduate credits (4) from Pacific University’s School of Education Childcare (if eligible)
Intangible benefits include:
  • Knowledge that you have made a difference for children and youth
  • The satisfaction that comes from serving your community and your country
  • The opportunity to work and learn with education professionals on some of the most pressing problems in education today