Female student on swing

Behavioral Health and Wellness

As you may or may not have heard, our district has experienced a loss that has affected us deeply. We received the sad news this morning that one of our students from Joseph Gale Elementary has died. We are unable to confirm the cause of death at this time.
We have implemented a plan for helping our students, their families, and staff members through our district flight team. The flight team consists of counselors and other mental health professionals who have received specific training in crisis response. Joseph Gale Elementary will be open on Monday, November 25th from 8:00am to 2:00pm, with flight team members present. Our district staff will be available for students, staff, and parents to drop in who may need special attention and additional support due to this loss. The response will consist of three separate spaces: one for students, one for parents, and one for staff members. If you plan on bringing your student in for support and resources, please plan on staying in the building the entire time your student is there. Additionally, Monday, December 2nd, we will have the flight team members available at Joseph Gale Elementary to support students and staff.
Bellow you will find helpful resources: