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Recordings of August 10, 2020 School Board Meeting
District staff presented an overview of the Ready Schools, Safe Learners: Blueprints for Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) & Hybrid model plans. These plans are in accordance with the Oregon Department of Education's guidelines. 
The presentation of the CDL overview begins at minute 24:00 of the recording. Staff also provided examples of what a typical student day may look like while in CDL. 
August 10, 2020 School Board Meeting Presentation
Schedule for Elementary English Elementary Schedule Spanish
Schedule Tom McCall Schedule tom McCall Spanish
NAMS Schedule NAMS Schedule
Schedule FGHS  Schedule FGHS Spanish
Recordings of Live District Q&A Sessions
On Thursday, July 24 and Friday, July 25, 2020, the district held a public Q&A session (English and Spanish) to discuss plans for the Hybrid and Comprehensive Distance Learning models for the upcoming school year. Participants were able to submit questions to the district panelists prior and during the presentations. 
You can watch a recording of the presentations below: 
Link to the recording of the live Q&A (Español) (Estamos trabajando para obtener una grabación de la interpretación al español. Esta es la versión en inglés con presentación de diapositivas en español.)
A comprehensive collection of questions that were asked during the presentation is being compiled and will be available soon.