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Building/Grounds Use

Forest Grove School District Building/Grounds Use Request & Permit Form
Groups wishing to use district facilities must complete a building/grounds use request.  These requests should be submitted to the building secretary at the location of interest.  All gym and field use must be approved by the Athletic Department at FGHS.
  • Form must be received 5 school days prior to date of activity
  • Please fill out both sides of permit
  • A certificate of general liability insurance with event application naming the District as an additional insured reflecting limits no less than $2 million per occurrence must be provided.  The additional insured endorsement must accompany the certificate of insurance.
  • Please remember that school curriculum and extra curricular activities will take priority over non-school activities.  If there is a conflict, you may be asked to cancel or resubmit your request to reschedule your activity
  • Please contact Jennifer Evers at 503-359-2408 with questions
All coaches must complete a background check before they can begin coaching.