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Referral Process

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The Forest Grove School District (FGSD) is seeking assistance in locating children with disabilities (birth through age 21) who have not graduated from high school and currently are not attending nor receiving other special services from public schools.


Oregon and federal law mandate educational services for children with disabilities. FGSD provides educational programs and services for eligible children from kindergarten through age 21. Services provided are appropriate to each child's disability. The Northwest Regional Education Service District provides educational services for eligible children from birth to kindergarten.


Parents, guardians, or anyone who knows of a child (age five through 21*) with a disability currently not receiving educational services are asked to notify the special education contact person in the child's home school or contact the District Student Services Department at 503-359-2403.


* For children younger than kindergarten, please telephone the NWRESD at 503-614-1446.

Who to contact to make a special education referral or to learn about special education services:
School Special Education Facilitator
Cornelius Elementary Hannah Alley
Dilley Elementary Gaye Grubbs
Echo Shaw Elementary
Stephanie Oppenlander
Erin Loucks
Fern Hill Elementary
Maryl Carow
Harvey Clarke Elementary
Rochelle Kellas
Joseph Gale Elementary
Tyler Kotchik
Erin Loucks
Tom McCall Upper Elementary East
Marquis Zane
Charlene Tinoco
Hollie Petrie
Theresa Quenoz
Tom McCall Upper Elementary West
Crystal Lusk
Meghan McGary
Theresa Quenoz
Neil Armstrong Middle School
Jennifer Anderson
Craig Booth
Brooke Harris
Aaron Montieth
Cassie Jolley
Kathy Stephenson
Forest Grove High School
Judith Bartoo
Abby Colemen
Tena Dickinson
Kat Taplin
Jill Hertel
John Meyer
Mark Tasker
Lyman Goff
Oak Grove Academy
Christa Slaughter
Forest Grove Community School
Lou Ann Amina