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Meal Services During COVID-19

Meal Service

We will be offering two types of meal service depending on the instructional model being delivered: Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and Hybrid.  All meals for the 2020-2021 school year will continue to be free of charge for ALL students and community members ages 1-18 through the Summer Food Service Program waivers received from USDA.  We anticipate that this will change back to “normal” in September 2021.

Families are encouraged to continue to fill out their free and reduced-price meal application forms this year.  Qualifying for F&R meals provides other benefits to families and supports the District in receiving other Federal Grant funds.  Applications can be found here. Having an approved application from this year on file with us will help prevent gaps in service at the beginning of next school year and give you more time to submit next year’s application.

CDL Meal Distribution

To ensure all children in the Forest Grove School District communities have an opportunity to receive meals free of charge during the Pandemic, families have different opportunities to pick up meals.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided each day and weekend meals are offered on Fridays of each week. See menu calendar for exceptions. More information can be found here. An interactive map with the meal delivery routes can be found here.   

  1. Curbside  - Meals can be picked up Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm at the following locations:
    1. Echo Shaw Elementary, 914 S Linden Street, Cornelius
    2. Joseph Gale Elementary, 3130 18th Avenue, Forest Grove
    3. Harvey Clarke Elementary, 2516 B Street, Forest Grove
    4. Forest Grove High School, 1401 Nichols Lane, Forest Grove
  2. Bus Stops - FGSD, Sodexo and MidCo are partnering to offer meal pick up at bus stops across the district.  Click this link to see the locations and times for pickup. 

Hybrid Meal Distribution

To limit exposure, meal service will be modified to reduce touch points and to maintain student cohort integrity. Reusable plates, trays, and cutlery will be saved for after the pandemic and disposables used instead for the time being. Meals will continue to be available to all students whether they are attending class in person or from home, and to all children ages 1-18 in the community, at curbside pickup.

In School

In school meal service will look different between elementary and secondary grades this year.  In order to ensure limited contact and congregation of students in the building the following are the main processes students should expect. 

Elementary Schools - PK-6 

Breakfast: students will pick up a sack breakfast when they enter the building and take it to class to eat.

Lunch: teachers will facilitate pre-ordering lunch in the morning. At lunch time, a cart with the pre-ordered meals will be delivered to the classroom and students will eat in class.

Secondary - 7-12

Breakfast: students will pick up a sack breakfast when they enter the building and take it to class to eat.

Lunch: students will pick up complete meals at one of several stations depending on their cohort. They will then return to class to eat.

Distance Learning Days, Non-Student (Curbside) and Weekend Meals

Take home meals for distance learning days, students participating in CDL, non-student children, and weekend meals for all children will be available.  This program is currently being defined and structured.  Information coming soon.  Please check back to this site at a later date.   


Meal Payment

For the remainder of the 2020-21 School Year, all meals for children will continue to be available at no charge. We anticipate that this will change back to “normal” in September 2021.